AbR Media networks with several training bodies and individuals and seeks to continually identify Christian trainers working across Africa.

Some existing partners are:

  • International Communications Training Institute (ICTI)
  • Distance Media
  • MediAfrique
  • Habari Maalum College
  • Radio Worldwide
  • Individual trainers training in various capacities and languages

Individual trainers training in various capacities and languages. These trainers offer a variety of training skills and courses in some of the languages of Africa.

International Communication Training Institute (ICTI) is ICMC’s media education and training initiative. ICTI functions as a self regulating partnership of agencies and individuals committed to raising the quality of media education and learning for Christians.

Distancemedia is an online media training institute run by IBRA media and Radio Worldwide. It has has offered online courses for more than 10 years having students in most parts of the world. From 2014 the training programme is upgraded and extended extensively making use of new media opportunities, hence Distancemedia 2.0.A new set of courses are offered in the area of Citizen Online Media, including Citizen Journalism skills for text, still images, audio, video and disciple making. Another part, Professional Media, offers a wide set of courses for media professionals sharing the good news. Studies may lead to a DM Diploma in Media Production. For more information check www.distancemedia.net or contact info@distancemedia.net

MediAfrique is a media training centre established jointly by Radio Worldwide and IBRA in Lome, Togo. Their training course offers French-speaking Christians from all over Africa the ability to develop radio production skills and produce media programmes, which present a clear yet exciting message of the gospel to those who hear it. Courses are designed to meet today’s media training needs in francophone Africa. MediAfrique offers an eight-month Certificate course. For more information visit www.mediafrique.org Information is available in French.

Habari Maalum College (HMC) is located in Arusha, Tanzania and is accredited with both the National Council for Technical Education and ICTI. The vision of the college is to provide high quality education in order to develope knowledgeable, skilled and transformed individuals with the ability to demonstrate excellence in profession and practice. Their faculties offer Certificates and Diplomas in Media and Communication, or, Leadership and Management. For further information visit www.hmcollege.org

Radio Worldwide (RWW) is a ministry of WEC International, a Christian mission agency committed to seeing Jesus Christ known, loved and worshipped among those who haven’t yet heard the gospel. RWW enables and empowers Christians around the world to become better communicators and to use radio to reach out to those around them through:

  • Creative Programming – producing programmes primarily for a non-Christian audience, which are broadcast across the globe.
  • Effective Training – providing training for students who want to gain broadcasting skills and practical experience.
  • Strategic Partnerships – working alongside Christian media organisations all over the world.

For more information visit www.radioworldwide.org