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130 people gathered for the regional AbRMedia event in Kigali, Rwanda on September 12 – 15. The local organizer in Kigali, the Pentecostal church of Rwanda (ADEPR) had done effective marketing. 

Together with the usual “spread of word” through AbRMedia channels it resulted in the meeting registering about 130 participants at it’s peak. This is more than at any AbRMedia event, even the Continental Conventions.

The gathering started with two days of training in two different tracks. Godly, Leadership and Fundraising was taught well by Bernie Dymet from Christianity works, Australia. His training gathered around 70 participants from Rwanda and surrounding countries. 

Boni Chabi Honoré from Benin, together with David Casement from Galcom, Canada helped those with technical questions doing training both on studio and transmitter maintenance. 

The two main days of meetings focused around New and Social Media, leadership, unreached people, the challenge of reaching children and youth as well as some technical issues. 

A big contribution to the success of this meeting was the commendable work of the ADEPR team. They had worked hard with local marketing and they arranged a grand opening session with the Guest of honour being The Head of media Affairs and Communication Department, Gerald Mbanda, from the Rwanda Governance Board. Some 400 pastors and church leaders and local press were in attendance. 

Participants from 11 African countries and 5 non African nations expressed their gratitude to AbRMedia for arranging events like this where learning and networking is central. 

This is how one participants expressed himself:
“I’m having a great time in Kigali, Rwanda.

Why am I here? It’s to join with more than 100 other people, from 16 different countries, in the AbR Media annual meetings.

We’ve come together to learn more about radio and media techniques…but in addition to that, we’ve been learning about godly leadership and good governance.

Each of us is learning how to do our work better, with a passion for God, and with a desire to do things the right way.

I’m glad I’m here…and I’m looking forward to the next time we, and even more people, can meet together in 2017 in Ghana!”